I guess I’m the odd duck out in this little bunch (which, judging off some conversations already, is fairly difficult). I’m primarily a journalist, specializing in video game journalism, but I’ve also worked in the press fields for boxing and for theme parks and travel. I started writing the odd fiction story here and there, but never have really had an idea sink in. I’m hoping this venture spurns something new and unique that I love writing, but more importantly, that you love reading.

My favorite genres to read include espionage and mystery, from James Bond to Miss Marple to Stephanie Plum. If it makes you ask “Whodunnit?” I’ll read it. I also like fantasy and urban fantasy. And when the two cross over, I’m in heaven. (I’m talking to you, Jim Butcher.) I’ll also pick up a biography of people who don’t suck and/or do suck but are totally fascinating now and again.

When I’m not doing this “writing” thing, I’m often playing video games, trying out new restaurants, boxing, causing mild forms of havoc inside the Disneyland Resort, or generally being awesome. I currently have a love/hate relationship with Las Vegas, NV. (It’s complicated.)

I also volunteer on the board for GaymerX, the world’s first gamer and geek-chic festival with an LGBTQ* slant, and moderate and occasionally blog on their sister site, GaymerConnect.com.

If you’re a gamer and would like to keep up with my latest writings, check out my staff page at http://gotgame.com/author/boxerrhino/ or my freelance page at http://www.gamerevolution.com/profile/ryanbates.




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