Holy crap, I live!

Posted: September 29, 2013 by Kella in Chaos #1 Planning, FYI (Oi! Pay attention!)

So… yeah. Sorry for the dearth of communication around here lately. Aaron pointed out to me how not communicative I’ve been on the site, and I realized that work and school and novel-in-progress have swallowed my life. Whoops.

Couple o’ things: Christina had to pull from the Chaos due to real life shenanigans. Ordinarily, shenanigans would just be annoying, but these are extra-special shenanigans with a side order of whisky, tango, and fuck. (Probably less fuck than might actually be enjoyable, but whatever.) And so we’ll miss Christina from this one! Hopefully she’ll be able to come back for a future story.

Sarah, too, had RL shenanigans, but they were more benign and only resulted in her chapter being delayed a week. I have received assurances of its presence today. (I can’t really be a whip-cracker on this one… you see how long it took me to pull my head out of my ass to make an announcement, yeah?)

I’ll edit the schedule on the front page so that we can try to keep track of who’s next. If you have questions, poke me. I’ll try to respond faster in future. I may or may not respond well to coffee/chocolate/personal assistant bribes… it remains untested.



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