And the votes are in! Let’s get this party started…

Posted: July 1, 2013 by Kella in Chaos #1, Chaos #1 Planning

So the winners of the poll are…

Sci-Fi/Fantasy – 22.5% (first)

High Fantasy – 17.5% (second)

Alternate historical fiction – 12.5% (tied for third)

Hard Sci-Fi – 12.5% (tied for third)

The first Chaos will be primarily sci-fi and high fantasy, and our current participants (listed in round order) are:

  • Kella
  • Grant
  • Christina
  • Ryan
  • Sarah
  • Kymele
  • Elise

The first chapter is being written as I post this, with a (hopeful!) due date of July 7th by midnight. Watching the poll percentages tick up forced me to think of different scenarios depending on what won.

Here we go!



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